Common Causes of AC Failure

Person cleaning dirty condenser coils on an air conditioner Lexington, KY

Regular maintenance can help keep your AC unit in tip-top shape. Be that as it may, it can still develop certain problems over time. Signature Heating & Air provides air conditioning repair in Lexington, KY. In our many years of service experience, we’ve seen that the following are the most common causes of AC failure.

Low Freon Levels

If the freon level is low, then the air conditioner’s cooling capacity decreases. This means the room will remain hot even after turning off the air conditioner. To maintain optimum levels of freon, schedule AC services and have the refrigerant levels checked regularly.

Dirty Evaporator Fan Motor

An evaporator fan motor that is dirty or clogged with debris could reduce its ability to move air efficiently. This can cause the unit to work overtime to cool your home.

Dirty Drain Line

The drain line is where water drains into the sump tank after being filtered by the drain pan. It’s essential to have an AC company check the drain line every month. If it becomes clogged, then it will prevent water from draining correctly. This can result in a flood inside the home.

Don’t let these issues cause your AC to fail. With Signature, Heating & Air, you’ve got a dependable partner for maintenance and repairs. Contact our team today for more information!


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